What is BWOPLE?

Bwople is a pfp NFT Collection Project by Gengoya on the Tezos Blockchain. Every Bwople is a non-generative, digitally hand-drawn artwork. Every Bwople is 1/1, which means there can only be one collector at a time for each Bwople. Bwople is inclusively designed to be gender neutral, expression neutral, with BW colors to appear neutral across range of visual abilities.

This is how Bwoples look like. What you see below are just some of them. Check The Bwople Collection to see all.

How to Collect a Bwople


① Digital Goodies

A set of Digital Goodies (DG) like the one displayed below will be given as a bonus after successfully collecting a Bwople. I will try to contact the collector via Twitter DM/ Discord/announcement tweet, but in the case of not being able to find contact info, I expect the collector to reach me to receive their DG.

* I will not reach out to collectors from the secondary market to receive their DG, but if the collector contacts me, I am more than glad to send the corresponding DG.

② Request Future Bwoples

By holding at least one Bwople in your posession, you’ll have access to the #bwople_request channel on our Discord, where you can request future design of Bwoples.

③ Summon Bwinions

By holding at least one Bwople in your posession, you’ll have access to the Bwollar economy system through our Discord, which you can use to summon a Bwinion (a minion version of Bwople which comes as 5/5). The summoner (holder) is free to do whatever he/she want with the Bwinion, such as: keep it, list it, or gift it.

CLICK HERE To see the Bwinion collection

④ Create Album Art

Collaboration between 4 holders to create a memorable Album Art NFT with custom message text in both English or Japanese. It is possible to create the Album Art alone if you own at least 4 Bwoples. Album Art is tailor-made by me so a bit of discussion is required via our Discord.

CLICK HERE To see the Album Art Collection

⑤ Holder Only Airdrops

I make airdrops from time to time to celebrate things like : First 35 Bwople minted, First season end, etc. By holding at least one Bwople that correspondence with the airdrop theme, you’ll be eligible to receive the airdrop.

⑥ Enter The Leaderboard

When you have at least 1 Bwople in your possession, you’ll be eligible to enter the BWOPLE LEADERBOARD and the COLLECTOR LEADERBOARD. Do you have what it takes to be at the top?

⑦ Bwerchandise



100 Bwoples have been minted for the First Season.

Second Season of 101-200 is currently on going. Join our Discord to keep up with the updates.

Why & how is it gender neutral?

Bwople is a PFP project which stands for “profile picture”. It is the image that people use on websites, mostly social media, to represent their profile. BWOPLE wants to provide eager collectors with PFP that echoes with their personality, and we want this to be the same for anyone no matter the gender. To keep it gender-neutral, there were some design decisions made :

1. Pronouns

Each Bwople is given a number as its name. Wherever the Bwople is displayed, I will address the Bwople by its number without using he/she/etc. The moment you become a collector and intends to use it as an “avatar”, feel free to decide the gender however you see fit. In the case of collecting Bwople(s) as an artwork (not gonna use for your pfp, avatar, etc.), I’d recommend keeping the gender neutral by using neutral pronouns.

Example :

2. Framing

Bwople’s framing is cropped around just above the chest area, leaving it to the imagination what kind of body the Bwople has underneath.

3. Facial Features

Bwoples don’t have facial hair. Facial hair like mustache or beard makes it very obvious that a Bwople is a male, and I like the collector to be able to decide their gender after they collected the Bwople. With that reason, no facial hair is implemented for Bwople, at least for now.

What is expression neutral?

Bwople is a PFP (profile picture) project. This means that the main function of the art is to be used as a profile picture image on sites/social media. You’re gonna look at it time and time again. Because how you feel may vary when accessing social media, always displaying a happy face or having a sad face might not match. I believe a neutral expression strikes a good balance with Bwople’s art direction because a neutral expression can adapt to most feelings. Combined with the art direction, it leans a bit towards happy, but hopefully not too happy.

How I try to widen the range across visual abilities.

1. Black and White Color

Black and White are the only colors used to draw the Bwoples as colors can look different for different people. There is no meaning to the background color aside from making Bwople look more festive when put together. If you would like to change the background, a transparent/colorless image file inside the Digital Goodies is included.

2. Black Bold Lines

The thing about profile pictures is, you often see it really small with low-resolution. It is often hard to see if you use images filled with many details and colors.

I try to keep it looking clean and recognizable even when it is very small by using black bold lines to draw on white base color for maximum contrast.

Example previewed as small profile picture


Black bold lines on white base


How many Bwoples are planned in total?

At this point, Bwople is completely digitally hand-drawn by one person and we like to keep it that way to ensure quality and aesthetic sense. This makes addition of new Bwoples relatively slow. (3-5 Bwoples per day in average) First season was planned to be 100 Bwoples (which we reached 🥳 ), and looking at the current response, second season until 200 is confirmed with similar or even slower pace (to allow the first 100 collectors to fit secondary sales in between). How many in total is something that I have not decided. But again Bwople is hand-drawn, so it is very unlikely to reach the numbers like generative PFP projects out there (6666, 8888, 10K, etc.). And if by some miracle I managed to draw 8888 bwoples. I assure you each of 8888 will all be completely different; hand-drawn one-by-one.

What can I use the Bwople for?

You are pretty much free to do whatever you want with it. Here are some ideas: You can print it as a poster in your room, use it as your phone wallpaper, brag to people online that you bought it, etc. What you CAN NOT do, is to use it for commercial purposes. For example, print it on a t-shirt and sell the t-shirt, mint the file again on any NFT platform, etc.

If I collect, do I get the copyright to the artwork?

No, what you get is an NFT (non-fungible token), minted on the blockchain. Or to put it simply, you get a “signed” original digital artwork and not merely a copy of it. Of course you can re-sell it as it is, but you can’t make a copy and sell the copy.

Any Inquiry or Question?

Join our Discord and let’s talk there!